Pattie Miles, Instructor

Pattie helps artists build intentional art practices from the ground up. She leads with an unrivaled sense of dedication and discernment. Working across disciplines — including theatre, music, writing, dance, and design — Pattie builds up artistic confidence with lasting impact and champions those who want a strong artistic mission at their core.
  • THE GET-GO EMAIL SUITE January 10 - 26

    The Get-Go Email Suite is a self-paced course. For the three weeks of the course, you will receive emails every Tuesday and Thursday containing the exercises + bonuses to work on whenever you want. Email support is included. If schedules permit, we will also have a weekly Zoom session. $75 (Discount Price until Nov. 1)

Discover your artistic purpose, starting today


“Over this pandemic, so many artists have felt uninspired or bogged down by the collective and prolonged trauma. My time spent with Artistic Clarity over the pandemic has been instrumental in helping me to stave off artistic depletion and find a sustainable artistic HABIT. As artists and humans, we crave connection with other people, with our muse, with the ability to travel freely; these things help us connect to our inspiration, and many of us are now visibly absent from our lives. As a teacher, Pattie Miles is many things: organized, thoughtful, creative, compassionate, flexible, knowledgeable. Working with her on my art practice has shown me how to create a realistic, manageable habit, keeping my creative engine humming rather than just burning out. She’s given me both the toolbox and a wealth of tools inside said box. If you have the opportunity to take a class with her, DO IT. If you’re toying with the idea of taking a course of hers, DO IT. Pattie offers up a panoply of artistic snacks that will revitalize and refocus your creativity. ”



    What makes you unique as an artist? Your art is a reflection of how you respond to life – your emotions, your experiences, your values, beliefs, and choices – the sum of what makes you distinctive. In this module, you’ll learn how to set up the core foundation of your art practice so you can get up and running with a solid foundation and have more time in your day. You’ll also get clear about where you need to focus to set your art practice up for sustainable success. Not only will you embrace and design a solid art practice foundation, but you’ll also understand how to track key progress measurements and get your creative house in order to help you make more art and run your art life with daring and purpose.


    In this module, I’m going to show you everything you need to set up and knock down your creative blocks, including how best to schedule your self-expression and how to create affirmations that last. You’ll also get the inside scoop on how to create creative systems to manage your ups and downs. The result? You’ll know what to focus on to move the needle forward in your creative expression. What are your blocks to inspiring your art practice? We will address perfectionism and procrastination, imposter syndrome, the need for rest and recharge, and what Brené Brown calls a “vulnerability hangover" -- in depth. Consistency builds confidence. Never guess what needs to happen next for your art practice. You will create the workflow you need to express your purpose, know what needs to be done, with no more fears about micromanaging or avoidance.


    In this groundbreaker course, I partner with artists, creatives, and the creatively curious to bring their ambitious artistic visions to life through a quiet and roomy exploration of intentional creative beginnings. We will identify your zone of genius and find ways to nail your artistic voice. I think that establishing a solid yet experimental art practice foundation is essential. The paths (I use the word path instead of goal) you set at the start of your process will have a bearing on the duration of your creative odyssey. I'm here to help you establish a distinctive, mission-driven, inspired creative practice that illuminates your unique artistic interpretation of modern life.


Most of all, The Get-Go offers you the tools you need to help you grow from your creative foundation up. Gone are the days of continual overwhelm, stress, and endless amounts of late nights trying to make sure you’re able to express your ideas or show up for your art practice on time. If you’re ready to feel in control and want an easy-to-understand and implementable roadmap so your art practice can soar, The Get-Go is for you.


The course runs January 10 - 26.