The Gimme Culture Five Day Intensive: A step-by-step system to uncover the creative influences that will revive and transform your art practice every day.

Instructor, Pattie Miles

Pattie is an educator, coach, consultant, and speaker. She grew up all over the world from Luzon Island in the Philippines to Seattle and London. Pattie received a BA in Theatre and Dance at Western Washington University. While studying Acting at The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon she received an MFA from UPITT. She furthered her theatre studies in Clowning, Rasaboxes, and Longform Improv Performance. As a college professor, she has taught Public Speaking, Drama, English, Film History, and English as a Second Language. Pattie is a theatre artist who drinks tea. She has been an actor her entire life, a director most of her life, a writer and producer half of her life. Her values are artistic iteration, humor, and being of service. Her artistic manifesto - the right to fail.

Modern artists who want to revive and transform their art practice by building a creative influence catalog and art intake journal. I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works if you are:


  • Stuck in creative neutral with no idea of how or where to start

  • Feeling discouraged about your art practice

  • Just getting started and don’t even have a creative idea to follow through on let alone share with the world

  • Waiting for the elusive “perfect” moment when you finally have all the magical incentive to start making art consistently

  • Struggling to gain traction with your existing art practice

By the end of Gimme Culture you will have learned how to:

  • Confidently Identify Your Current Patterns of Art Intake & Your Why

    Start to solve the problem of “I don’t even remember what I did yesterday.” Learn the prompts you need to identify entertainment content that you absorb on a daily basis AND why you make these choices.

  • Understand Your Foundational Framework of Artistic Inspiration

    Take the guesswork out of your motivation to express yourself creatively. You’ll confidently be able to recall the art and culture that thrilled you throughout your life and begin to connect this momentum to your art practice.

  • Develop Skills to Pinpoint Where and How You Will Find Your Future Creative Inspiration

    You’ll say goodbye to all those little tech-search hangups that have caused you to give up on your curiosity and willingness to learn. You will curate a collection of artists, communities, countries, and cultures identified for your art intake foundation.

  • Leverage Your Passion For Experimentation

    Learn how to package up your artistic desires into an irresistible bounty of arts and culture that attracts your now artistic self, your future artistic self, the artistic self you never knew existed, and, of course, your raving fans. Based on what you know you love, you will explore art and culture outside of your comfort zone.

  • Overcome Idea Vacuums + Inspiration Underload

    By getting clear on the who, what, and where of your creative path, you need to understand the influences you’re trying to emulate, what you want from them, and how to get it. The Gimme Culture Five Day Intensive is your HOW. You will create a personalized Art Intake Journal for reflection and planning that you can use for the rest of your life. The clarity you’ll walk away with after this program will serve your art practice for years to come in more ways than one.

  • But above all else…

    The Gimme Culture Five Day Intensive will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently give your art practice the gift that keeps on giving — the foundation that will fuel your freedom and ability to make art and a life you love.

To Sum It Up: The Gimme Culture Five Day Intensive will transform your art practice and it’s officially open for enrollment.


The Gimme Culture 5 Day Intensive includes five core lessons & two bonus lessons. You will have access to the course for 5 weeks.

    1. Gimme Culture Precourse Bonus

    2. Gimme Culture Project Plan Summer 2021

    3. Transcript_ GIMME CULTURE Get Steady + Ready

    4. The Artistic Clarity MATCH GAME

    5. 90 Day Art Practice Day Book



    1. GIMME CULTURE Day One



    1. GIMME CULTURE Day Two



    4. WORKSHEET 2

    1. GIMME CULTURE Day Three



    4. WORKSHEET 2

    1. GIMME CULTURE Day Four



About this course

  • 2 x $95.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Inspiration to reach your art practice goals

  • Two Zoom Q & A Sessions With Pattie

    We will have two Zoom sessions: SATURDAY, JULY 10 AT 2:00 PM PST & SATURDAY, AUGUST 7 AT 4:00 PM PST. Come with questions for Pattie. The link will be emailed to you the day before each session. I'm excited to connect with all of you!

  • Private Group Facebook Page

    Welcome to the Gimme Culture Members Only Facebook Group! 👏 This group is for students who enrolled in Gimme Culture in July 2021. For the next 5 weeks, we will be encouraging one another and sharing breakthroughs all while building a stellar self-curated art intake catalog and journal! 🎉

  • 90 Day Art Practice Daybook

    This is a workbook that will offer you space for art practice reflection and repetition leading to making your creativity a habit.

Pricing options

Flexible pricing to support your creativity.


  • How many hours every day will I be scheduling in to get awesome results?

    Gimme Culture is a self-paced course, meaning you can work as many or as few hours as your schedule allows. Though you can do the course in 5 days at 1 - 2 hours per day, you can work at your own pace over a five-week period. Your access to Gimme Culture ends Saturday, August 7.

  • Is this for beginners? What if I don’t even have an art practice idea?

    Gimme Culture is a foundational course. It’s for modern artists who are just getting started with their art practice AS WELL as seasoned modern artists who feel their art making is stagnating (inconsistent flow, little or no inspiration), and want to quickly get up to speed and commit to growing the #1 most important asset in their art practice -- their inspiration. Unless you already have a meaningful daily art practice with lots of growth, Gimme Culture will be an essential tool in your art momentum arsenal.

  • I really want to dive in - but I’m afraid I’ll get overwhelmed and lose focus.

    Let’s talk about “overwhelm” for a second. Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable, easy to follow, proven path to stick to. I created Gimme Culture to be the antithesis of overwhelm. You’re not gonna do “all the things, all at once”. You’re going to follow the super detailed, step-by-step implementation lessons, rack up the wins, and gradually become a satisfied practicing artist leveraging the same tools and strategies as the artists you’ve looked up to for so long. As long as you promise to follow the strategies in their proper order and resist skipping ahead (I know, easier said than done!), I promise to keep you on track.

  • I’m not a PRACTICING artist, is this still for me?

    In short, YES! This is for any artist looking to build a community, boost output, increase their satisfaction, and create consistent art. Whether you’re an artist, creative, or creatively curious, the strategies you learn in Gimme Culture will help you take your creativity to the next level.


“Pattie's genius is that she opens a corridor of doors for students (and always seems to have the key to a few more) but allows the choice and risk to be yours...autonomy that leads to actual integration and capability...the real gift of a master.​”

“Pattie's classes have been a revelation to me! Before, I had no system for developing my video and writing in a way that felt satisfying. Her class has unleashed my desire to express myself in as many artistic ways as possible! Pattie is supportive, creative, focused, brilliant, and wise! We were also encouraged to practice art that was new to us--which developed my creativity 100 fold! ”

“Pattie’s put together thoughtful exercises to help me reach into my heart and soul for inspiration and then apply the practice daily. Pattie is a supportive non-judgmental teacher, surrounding me with other artists on their path. ”


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