The most comprehensive program for creating and sustaining an art practice via playful, practical, and profound exercises that put in motion your belief in yourself as a modern artist.

The Pattie Miles Artistic Clarity Signature Course


Because I want you to recognize and utilize the distinction between being hard on yourself and working hard.  


Over the course of 6 weeks, we'll cover nine lessons and plenty of bonuses. You'll watch streaming video lessons and dive into the accompanying worksheets, where you'll plot and plan your art practice moves then jump into our private Facebook group, The Gentle Artist Lounge, to discuss it all with your co-artists.

Each week's theme builds on the last, bringing you closer to artistic confidence and achievement.

The Gentle Artist is the only art practice program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your art practice like the artists you admire — but how to meet your artistic goals through a daily art practice you can do indefinitely despite fear, self-doubt, and the marketplace’s ups and downs.

The Gentle Artist teaches Artists, Creatives, & the Creatively Curious how-to methods for creating a daily art practice, taking creative risks, & substantially increasing your daily art intake with purpose and ease.

Instructor, Pattie Miles

Pattie is an educator, coach, consultant, and speaker. She grew up all over the world from Luzon Island in the Philippines to Seattle and London. Pattie received a BA in Theatre and Dance at Western Washington University. While studying Acting at The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon she received an MFA from UPITT. She furthered her theatre studies in Clowning, Rasaboxes, and Longform Improv Performance. As a college professor, she has taught Public Speaking, Drama, English, Film History, and English as a Second Language. Pattie is a theatre artist who drinks tea. She has been an actor her entire life, a director most of her life, a writer and producer half of her life. Her values are artistic iteration, humor, and being of service. Her artistic manifesto - the right to fail.

Is this you?

You want to leave the tortured artist trope behind.

  • Someone who is more than ready to reclaim their artistic life and isn't scared of a little hard effort and understands that there is no "perfect moment" to begin.

  • A collaborative artist (with the heart of a visionary) tired of waiting for a director, gallery owner, or arts leader to give you permission to make art.

  • An artist who has reached your limit and knows establishing a meaningful art practice is your key to finding a larger audience and gaining time and creative freedom in your life.

  • A budding solo artist who wants to build an artistic reputation the smart way with a consistent art practice (rather than starting and stopping the creative process and remaining stuck).

Camille Hildebrandt

Public School Teacher + Choreographer

“Pattie's genius is that she opens a corridor of doors for students (and always seems to have the key to a few more) but allows the choice and risk to be yours...autonomy that leads to actual integration and capability...the real gift of a master. It is so incredible to be in a workshop where real concentrated work is happening. I knew years ago Pattie was a brilliant teacher, and today it got reaffirmed. If you ever have a chance to study with this woman, take it!!!”


Weekly Schedule

  • TUESDAY: Every Tuesday, you'll have access to The Gentle Artist website's material for that week. Weekly lessons contain video courses as well as pdf worksheets to download and print.

  • WEDNESDAY: You are welcome to join your co-artists on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. PT to discuss your art practice and your experience with the new courses. The Zoom meetings are an excellent opportunity to ask me questions regarding the training. You work at your own speed on Wednesday, as your schedule allows.

  • THURSDAY: You are invited to join the Zoom session on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. PT.

  • WEEKLY: You set your own schedule on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday; a new lesson will be released on Tuesday.

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: You are invited to communicate with your co-artists on our private Facebook group called The Gentle Artist Lounge throughout the day. No worries if you miss a Zoom session! All sessions will be videotaped and uploaded to The Gentle Artist Lounge.

I've been there.

My first real creative practice started when I had no mentors and just a few printed materials to fall back on, as well as the dispersed, never-ending maelstrom that is Google. As your guide through the turbulent waters of art practice development, I'll disclose exactly what you need to know to avoid making the same mistakes that I made at the critical time of imagination invention.

Is The Gentle Artist Right For Me?

The Gentle Artist Is For You If . . .

  • You're an artist with an art project idea who is eager to see it through to completion.

  • You are willing to commit to and experiment with a twenty-minute-a-day/four-day-a-week art practice.

  • You're a practicing artist looking to professionalize and improve your art practice using some powerful techniques.

  • You want to consider all aspects of developing a meaningful, long-term creative practice.

  • You're ready to geek out on everything: time management, creativity, energy budgeting, strategic vision, and other capabilities.

  • You're ready to commit to a stimulating if sometimes challenging, curriculum and meet other modern artists like you.

  • You're ecstatic to be a part of a vibrant community of modern artists with whom you can network and get feedback on a daily basis.

The Gentle Artist Isn’t For You If . . .

  • You’re at the stage where you’re not sure if you want to start a consistent art practice, or if starting an art practice is right for you.

  • You are reluctant to really commit and put in the work—this is an in-depth course on the incredibly crucial factors that come with maintaining an art practice, not frivolous inspiration.

  • You hate focused learning, abhor fun, think you know everything, or plan to be a hassle for the good folks at Artistic Clarity HQ.


  • How do you define art practice?

    For our purposes, an art practice is something you do alone. Typically, in your home. You may be a member of an orchestra or you may be part of a dance company. Rehearsal with other artists is a different kind of art practice. I don't consider vocal or physical warm-ups or practicing scales on a piano an art practice. The imagination is a muscle that needs training. Strengthing that muscle is what your art practice is all about. Solo art practice is where you refine your access to your imagination so, if you are a collaborative artist, you will make a more powerful contribution to the process when you work with others. If you are not a collaborative artist this process will take your art-making to a more satisfying place.

  • How much time do I need to commit each week to The Gentle Artist?

    There is no one set answer to this question. In fact, it is almost impossible to answer because every student starts from a different place and has their own unique circumstances and experiences. On average, I recommend allotting 3-5 hours every week to watching the course chapters and implementing what you learn, including your art practice time. Depending on which phase of the art practice process you’re in, you may need to devote more or less time in a week to The Gentle Artist. Should you get behind, or encounter circumstances that take your attention away from The Gentle Artist, be sure to print all of the pdf material for future reference. Building a successful art practice doesn’t happen overnight so I always support you in moving at your own pace.

  • Will I meet other artists who are taking the course at the same time?

    You will, without a doubt. There will be two Zoom meetings a week where all of the students may get together to discuss class topics. This course will have its own private Facebook community. Together with like-minded creatives, you'll explore ideas, make new friends, and expand your sense of community.

  • What if I try The Gentle Artist and realize it is not right for me?

    If, after 14 days of working through the first 2 lessons, and you don’t feel totally motivated and confident in your ability to build and launch your art practice, simply reach out. Show me you’ve put in the work, and you’ll be eligible for a full refund. If you don't believe I've delivered on my commitment by 2 pm PT on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, just contact me and I'll give you a complete refund. Questions? Email me at

Take A Deep Dive Into The Curriculum

Need more details?

WEEK ONE: You will identify one creative project to focus on over the next six weeks, and I’ve created a formula for you to discover where your passions meet. You will get honest with yourself about your time, space, and personal commitments, and then go deeper and learn what obstacles are holding you back, and together we will make a game plan to help you move forward. 


In this first lesson, you’ll learn which areas of your art practice you’re best at, allowing you to use your superpowers to their maximum potential and identify your gaps. You’ll recognize the problem your art practice solves for you and your audience, plus how to find your creative mission that will keep your artistic passion burning.  


  1. Discover your creative genius—what it is that distinguishes you and your creativity, and how to harness those advantages in your art practice.

  2. Settle the artistic question you're looking to address for yourself and/or your audience to develop a personal creative goal that will keep you on track.

  3. Define and distill your creative passions—the focal point that will catapult your art practice to new heights.


You'll have a firm grasp on how to capitalize on your strengths and devise a personal creative purpose that will keep you interested and motivated indefinitely. 

WEEK TWO: You will create a customized system for keeping daily evidence of your dedication to your art practice and tracking your progress. This approach will boost your confidence and resilience, as well as your desire to stay art - happy and consistent.


In our second lesson, you'll acquire critical insights into your artistic practice and learn how to remain on course.


  1. Learn how to keep your art practice fresh in your mind and imagination by reverse-engineering what is clamoring for your attention and hacking behaviors to determine precisely how to prioritize your art practice without losing your life.

  2. Clarify who your artistic guiding force(s) are, where to find them, what they express, and how to reach them.

  3. Gain invaluable insights from artist interviews and confirm if your art practice approach is what you crave.

  4. Attract art practice inspiration by identifying the emotions and questions that your creativity will arouse -- the foundation of all effective art-making.


You'll be so familiar with your creative aspirations that they'll feel like your new best friend—which is exactly what they'll have to be going forward.

WEEK THREE: You will experience a more profound commitment to your art practice through community, accountability, and curiosity. We will find ways to support each other and ease into a doable integrity process as a group. Along with other inquisitive artists, you'll ask questions, form connections, and broaden your sense of belonging. 

OVERVIEW: In this lesson, you will use your creative voice to encourage other artists. You'll gain insight into the often hazy ins and outs of creative relationships, as well as what it means to be a great audience to the work of others, using practical techniques that will help your art practice now and in the long term.


  1. Choose the most effective methods to actually listen, and then recognize your colleagues. Take new measures toward keeping oneself accountable and maintaining a positive mindset.

  2. Advance the conversation and maintain an awareness of the group’s artistic progress. 

  3. Gain confidence with the foundations of maintaining presence, integrating empathy, and being open to new art practice ideas. 


You will experience the benefits of surrendering your agenda, negativity, judgment, control, anticipation, and pre-determinate listening.

WEEK FOUR: After three weeks of experimentation, you will define and commit to a consistent and meaningful art practice for three months with accountability follow-ups with Pattie and your co-artists for six weeks after the course.


In this lesson, you'll get insight into the often unexpected twists and turns of committing to an art practice, as well as recommended practices that will support your ambitions now and in the long run.


  1. Identify the best art practice time, location, and supplies to help you follow your creative path.

  2. Understand the implications for your unique art practice and avoid the common pitfalls that many practicing artists encounter.

  3. Learn the step-by-step methods you need to help you show up for your art with realistic expectations.

  4. Gain confidence with the foundations of a sustainable art practice—and assess how much of a commitment is realistic for your lifestyle and your ambitions. 


You'll have a firm grasp on the true realities of consistent art practice, as well as how to safeguard your time and energy.

WEEK FIVE: We will devise a scenario in which you feel like a pro in your own chosen art form. And you will discover what it feels like to respect yourself as an artist, no matter your level of comfort and confidence.


In this lesson, you will flirt with the “Magic If.” What if you were a full-time paid professional in your chosen art form? What would that look like? 


  1. Discover how far your imagination can take you when you are presented with the “Magic if”  option to go professional as an artist. 

  2. Clarify the importance of your contribution to the art world.

  3. Create personality profiles and job descriptions for your mentors, imaginary support staff of personal assistants, agents, managers, and anybody else you need.

  4. Learn that taking oneself seriously is not a far-fetched abstract dream, but rather a necessity for maintaining a meaningful art practice, regardless of how far you wish to push yourself professionally.


You will feel, own, and celebrate your enoughness as an artist and feel less alone. The creative path may seem very isolating at times. While the rest of the world is casting doubt, you, your co-artists, and your self-defined artistic guiding force(s) will be the permission granters in your life, whispering, "you really can do this."

WEEK SIX: Regardless of how modest or outlandish your artistic ambitions are, you will have a strategy in place for going thoughtfully public with your work and art practice process.


In this lesson, you’ll define and craft your authentic social identity - the kind that artists only dream of—and that will attract raving friends and fans. (all introvert, technophobe, + Luddite boundaries will be respected) 


  1. Design visual elements that represent you and the community you want a confident connection with.

  2. Create an authentic sense of creative identity that is both motivating and memorable to help others see you as you want to be seen.  

  3. Make a plan for how you'll use your distinctive voice to break through the noise or engage with more your silence. 

  4. Create a foundational representation of your beliefs and lay the groundwork for an honest artistic personal culture.


Regardless of how you decide to appear in the world, you'll be the driving force behind your personal artistic stamp's future by building tools that hold you to account for fulfilling your creative promise to yourself.

Finally, throughout these six weeks, you will be showing up for your art, your art practice, and your co-artists. And your co-artists will be showing up for you. 

Bonus Material

Includes additional content to The Gentle Artist curriculum to provide further value to artists.

  • 90 Day Art Practice Habits Daybook

    Includes: The Art Practice Passion Scale, 10 day x 9 repetition of Art Practice Reflection + Prompts + Progress Questions.

  • The Get Steady + Ready Module

    Includes: Mindset Preparation, Time Strategy, 5 Key Decisions Before Starting The Course, + 3 Prompts For Your Momentum.

  • Next Steps Roadmap

    Includes: 6-week follow-up with Pattie + co-artists, The Self-Recognition Springboard, your art practice ideals + expectations, + clarifying your hows + whys as you move forward.

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