12 - Week Course Plan

July 12 - September 30

  • You will receive weekly email suites with Pattie’s signature prompts, questions, and exercises to help you delve into your relationship with time and art and help you uncover how best you can make your creative process a hard commitment.

  • You will learn how to plan and design an all-in-one planner, journal, log, and tidbit collection that will serve your individual artistic and whole life goals.

  • Your first all-in-one will be a draft for you to use in October, November, and December and from there you will create quarterly all-in-ones for 2023 and the rest of your life.

  • In August you will attend a three-hour workshop that walks you through the process of creating this all-in-one and meet your co-students who are on the journey with you. You have the option of an in-person workshop in Seattle or Chimacum, Washington, or a Zoom workshop. The Seattle date is Monday, August 15, 5-8pm. Zoom and Chimacum dates are TBD.

  • We'll look at what's holding you back: Time apathy, new idea avoidance, compulsive desire to prove your worth, clinging to unneeded items, effort leading to exhaustion, over-volunteering your time, undervaluing your efforts, isolating yourself, misdirected guilt or shame, not following up, and stability ennui.

  • You will focus on living in the present, knowing that it is impossible to ignore the absurdity of living solely for the future.


“Pattie’s genius is that she opens a corridor of doors for students (and always seems to have the key to a few more) but allows the choice and risk to be yours...autonomy that leads to actual integration and capability...the natural gift of a master.​ ”

“Pattie’s classes have been a revelation to me! Before, I had no system for developing my video and writing in a way that felt satisfying. Her class has unleashed my desire to express myself in as many artistic ways as possible! Pattie is supportive, creative, focused, brilliant, and wise! We were also encouraged to practice new art, which developed my creativity 100 fold! ”

“I force and coerce myself back into the studio or sit there with my yellow pads of paper, waiting for creativity to pounce. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Pattie knows all this and offers a way out via incoming suggestions. She is brilliant, calm, and centered. ”

You Best Artistic Year Ever

This course will help you design and build the planner, journal, log, and tibit collection all - in - one that will keep you in the present with your art practice.

Pattie Miles


With YOUR BEST ARTISTIC YEAR EVER, I will help you manage not just your artistic assets, but also crucial elements of your whole life that you didn't even realize were out of control - all while focusing on what is practical and doable! I leave no stone left unturned in this program. I literally cover EVERYTHING you need when laying the foundational processes for their artistic life.

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YOUR BEST ARTISTIC YEAR EVER is a program designed to help you establish a solid art practice foundation while streamlining day-to-day commitments to achieve your creative goals. If you’re ready to learn how to implement an innovative plan you’ll actually use and you don’t want to keep putting it off — I’m ready for you!

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  • What kind of time commitment is this course?

    Every Tuesday for 12 weeks, I will send you an email with prompts, questions, and exercises so you can start interrogating and embracing your relationship to your art, your time, and yourself as an artist. Ideally, you would invest 10 - 20 minutes daily taking in my offerings through remembering, observing, imagining, journaling, and reflection.

  • Can you clarify the schedule?

    Sure! The course runs from July 12 - September 30. Every Tuesday for 12 weeks you will get an email from me with prompts, questions, and exercises. In August we will meet in person (Seattle or Chimacum, Wash.) or on Zoom. There you will meet other course participants. The Seattle date is set for Monday, August 15 from 5 - 8 PM. The dates for the Chimacum session and Zoom meeting are TBD.

  • Do I have to be a full-on practicing artist to take this course?

    This course is open to any artist, creative, or creatively curious person. You can be at any stage of your artistic experience to participate.

  • I cannot afford $125 up front. Is there other payment options?

    The course costs $125 for the full 12-week course. $12.50 per week. If you cannot pay the $125 in full, please contact me at the email below to make payment arrangements. pattie@pattiemiles.com

  • How can I contact you if I have questions?