“I loved taking Pattie Miles' “Making Art In the Style Of” courses. Focusing on drawing in the Frida Kahlo course and sculpture in the Maya Lin course gave me an opportunity to drop my identity as a writer, experiment, and broaden my scope as an artist. The daily message provided tasty food for thought, the exercises proved engrossing and lots of fun, and the prompts to reflect at the end of the day helped integrate the materials. And I'm still playing with rocks! Highly recommended!”

– Deb Wiese

"I want to thank you for the five days of making art in the style of Frida Kahlo.  I enjoyed it so much and had a wonderful experience just by myself here at home. I had a week without commitments so I totally immersed myself in art. I woke up each morning super excited and eager to read your email and get started on the project for the day.  It was rewarding to experience focus and freedom. And the assignment looking at the duality in my own nature brought clarity to something I had felt for a long time but had never seen so clearly. I still struggle with the results of my artistic endeavors but always love the process.  I want to continue to do other classes in the series. I love your very inspirational emails and will try for other classes as they come up. Thanks again."

-- Lianne Perron